Sunday, May 27, 2007

5.24.2007 Barcelona Picasso and City Park

We woke up pretty early again and went to the Museo Picasso. It didn't have a lot of his later and better works. It also had some weird porno art he did that we definitely have never seen or heard of. In addition to the fascinating image of some dude eating out a chick while their cat watches, there was also one of a dude pooping, masturbating, while carrying a turkey on a platter. We ate at a cafe afterward, and then took a walk around the city park. We sat in the grass and read and somehow got my camera stolen from right under our noses. Bastards. We went to the Cathedral and took pictures earlier, but now they are all gone. Sadness!!! Then we walked around the park some more, and saw a cool fountain structure thing and took tons of pictures with the video camera.

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