Wednesday, May 23, 2007

5.23.2007 First Full Day in Spain

We arrived around 6:30pm yesterday because we got lost, didn't know which stop to get off at. We sat around and were lucky enough to catch a cab. Our place is a charming retreat in the hills. There are huge windows on almost all the walls. Only drawback is the shower which is tiny as hell. The guy who owns the place, Tom took us grocery shopping. We cooked some experimental pasta for dinner and had some Tempranillo wine.

Today was the first full day in Spain!!! We woke up super early at 5:30am because we were jet lagged. Kyle played some poker and I made scrambled eggs. Once again, experimental. I used some olives we got at the store yesterday. We left the house to go on a hike, but came back like 5 times because we kept changing the plan. It started raining, so we decided to go down to Vilassar De Mar, and hang out at a cafe or go to the beach. We walked down to the bus stop, and stopped by an old run-down castle on the way. It was pretty, locked, and overgrown with vegetation. We took the train and ate unknown food at a cafe by the beach. They speak a different Spanish here, which has French influence, so it is hard for Kyle to understand. It doesn't matter to me because I didn't know Spanish to begin with. We came back exhausted and passed out around 3pm until 8:30pm. When we woke up we finally got our lazy asses up to go eat dinner in town. We went to a pasta/pizza place. now we are watching a crappy quality version of Shrek 3 online.

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