Saturday, August 4, 2007

7.10.2007 Pub Crawl

I went shopping earlier in the day because Kyle was not feeling great.

We had a late start on our day, and went to see the Spanish steps in the early evening. There was a sea of people there, but it really was not much to see. The pretty building at the top of the steps was covered in scaffolding, and the fountain at the foot of the steps had trash floating in it. Totally attractive.

We got a flyer for a pub crawl and decided to go on it. From 9-10 there was free beer and wine, but it was some god awful stuff. We still drank as much as possible anyway, since it was free. We had some free pizza, and went on to other bars. The second bar we went to was Highlander. Kyle did a body shot off me, and I ordered a Jack on the rocks that was expensive as hell but it was like 4-5 shots. All in all, we had good time, and we had an AMAZING Kebab on the way home. It was probably the best we have tried. It had corn, some really good spicy sauce, various vegetables, and fresh grilled meat.

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