Saturday, August 4, 2007

7.11.2007 Pantheon and Other Sites

We wore our free shirts from the pub crawl because we were seriously running out of clean clothes. We were also both wearing black shorts so we were like twins.

We walked around and saw some random sites like Augustus’s Mausoleum, Piazza del Popolo and the Church of St. Ignatius. The Church of St. Ignatius was not much to my liking. It was gaudy (to a point beyond that of most churches) and the color scheme they had going on was terrible. Some areas of the church included green marble, gold sculptures, red tiles on the floor and other things that did not remotely complement each other.

We went to the Pantheon next, which has been converted to some shrine to St. Mary and other martyrs. The architecture was quite awesome and the inside was nice but we think we really have had an overload of religious buildings on this trip.

Our last stop was Piazza Navona, which was pretty, but there was not much to do. We wanted to get some coffee, but the prices were astronomical. It was about $4-7 for a small coffee at most places, which is extortion! We finally found a place about 50 ft. away from the others that had coffee for about $1 which was nice.

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