Friday, September 7, 2007

7.12.2007 Last Day in Europe

I had to go see the Boca della Verita (Mouth of Truth) because I absolutely love the movie Roman Holiday and had to stick my hand in the mouth and pretend to have it bitten off. Kyle wanted to get a little a Boca della Verita replica to use as a chip protector when playing poker. He thought it would be fitting to have the Mouth of Truth present while playing poker. He decided against buying one at the first place we went to because it seemed too expensive, but then we couldn’t find one the right size at any of the ten stores we went to afterwards. Sadness!

I also had to eat this amazing pizza at the Doner Kebap place on our street before we left forever. Their cherry tomato and mozzarella pizza is the best pizza I have ever had in my life. Others might not agree because I have strange taste in pizzas. It only has cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and small chunks of mozzarella (not melted cheese) but it was seriously the best. I tried something slightly different this day because they were out of my favorite. Kyle was not as impressed. As I said, I have strange taste in pizza.

We walked around some more, and went to the Theater of Marcellus, and then the monument dedicated to the Unknown Soldier. From the top of the monument we had a view of the Column of Trajan, Trajan’s market, and the Colosseum.

We home, cooked, packed, drank our wine, and tried to sleep early because we had to wake up at 5am for our flight. However that didn’t work too well for some reason we couldn’t sleep. So we played cards for awhile after lying in bed for close to an hour and then still didn’t get to sleep till 1am for Kyle and 2:30 for Jenn. Needless to say, we were quite tired the next day for our 20 hour flight to SLC where Kyle’s parents picked us up to go to his family reunion in Yellowstone.

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