Friday, July 6, 2007

6.24.2007 Kutna Hora Bones

Today we went to Kutna Hora to see the Bone Church. It was rather peculiar, because there are the bones of 40,000 people arranged in various d├ęcor like a chandelier and a coat of “arms”. Apparently 500 years ago, it used to be a mass grave and they built church there and either to build the church or to bury new people there, or both, they had to dig up the old dead people. Then they had bones lying around for a few hundred years and the family running the church told a wood-worker to “arrange” the bones and he did.

On the way there we saw this guy with two hookers which seemed rather odd. Who takes hookers with him on the train to go sight seeing? From there we toured the town of Kutna Hora and had some great and cheap Gulas and Beer. Two good meals and 3 pints of great bear for $10, which would have cost probably $40 in the US after tax and tip. We saw a few churches and a Cathedral and the rest of the town which was cool to see.

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