Sunday, July 8, 2007

7.05.2007 Last day in Certaldo

We spent the day slowly, started out cooking, and then watched The Incredibles. We then went for a bike ride into old town, but did not take the scenic route. The view was not as great, but it was a lot faster and easier. We had some delicious gelato in Old Town. We shared 2 scoops, I chose strawberry, and Kyle chose something he thought was probably chocolaty, but was in fact rum raisin, so it was like my 2 favorite ice cream flavors even though I do not even really like ice cream. HAHAHA.

We came home to cook dinner, and watched some EuroTrip with hostel mates since it seemed so appropriate.

We heard music from down the street for the second night in a row, and decided it would be fun to find the place and check it out. We followed the sound of Italian music until we came to an obscure bar, while the dog from the hostel followed close behind all the way there for some reason. I think he likes Kyle a lot. He’s got really thick, long, white fur, and he is grimy and sweaty from baking in the Tuscan sun all day. So he doesn’t get a lot of attention normally, but Kyle pets him all the time. We peeked inside, and it was a bunch of older couples waltzing. Neither of know how to waltz, and we thought better of going in. We did a little dance in the parking lot, called the dog back, and made our way home while people were dancing to “Fascination.”

It’s a fascination, I know…

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