Friday, July 6, 2007

6.26.2007 First Day in Milan

Today was our first full day in Milan. Yesterday we flew all day, because we had a long layover in Brussels. When we got in we ate Doner Kebabs again, because they are so good. Today we ate at an Italian Pizzeria which was pretty good, but they charge a cover charge, which they also do in Prague, but in Prague you get at least bread and butter with it, and at most it’s $1.50, but usually only 0.50-$1. They charged three dollars a person for nothing. I asked him what the 6 dollars was, he looked at it and said it was the cover charge. Then I looked at the menu, and really small at the bottom it said two dollars. So he tried to screw us, and when I told him, he said, oh the cook must have made a mistake. Yeah right, mistake my ass. Also, our hotel is supposed to have Wi-Fi, oh but it’s broken, the internet cafĂ© down the street is supposed to have Wi-Fi, oh but it’s broken too. I think everywhere in Europe they just tell you they have Wi-Fi, but when you go to use it, they just say, “it’s broken”.

Then we went and saw various sights of Milan. We saw the Duomo Cathedral which was very large, but of course we couldn’t go in, because we were wearing shorts, even though it’s 90o outside. Then we walked up same expensive shopping street. It’s interesting in Milan, how you can be walking down the most rundown street where you wouldn’t feel safe walking at night, but then every store is ridiculously expensive shopping for clothes or $5 pieces of chocolate.

Then we saw Pinocoteca, which is some art school with a bunch of old Roman statues. Then we saw the Sforzesco Castle and the park, but we will go back there later, because we didn’t explore the park much, because we were tired and wanted to go home. Then we rented some movies, and ate some food and went home.

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