Sunday, June 3, 2007

6.01.2007 Montjuic Area

Today we had plans to go to Montjuic to see the magic fountain, the castle, and the Miro museum, but we got lost and ended up wandering around aimlessly. We found a cafe with a lovely view of the city, walked around a garden, and ate Indian food at a shady place. Even though we didn't do what we were planning to, we had fun times. We saw "Elephant Man" while we were lost. He is some old dude with tattooed-on Speedos, and walks around the city streets naked. He has a penis piercing and is called "Elephant Man" because his penis resembles an elephant's trunk. We had heard about him from a tour guide, but were very surprised to actually see him walk by.

The day before and the day after this, we just lounged around, and Kyle played a lot of poker.

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