Friday, June 22, 2007

6.20.2007 Poor Man's Tour, Joos, Drinks & Food

We started out on a tour that was supposed to take 6 hours, but we were having second thoughts since we had already seen a lot of the sights anyway, and there was another activity we were considering anyway. The decision was made for us when massive foot traffic separated us from the group before we had paid. We got about 30 minutes of a free tour out of it, haha. Picture above is of Jenn at Wenceslas Square shortly before we lost the group. Other picture is of Grand Europa Hotel, where Mission Impossible 1 was filmed.

We moved on to the Jewish Quarter, and visited some museums, synagogues, and the old Jewish cemetery. The museums were not that thrilling. Not like communism or anything. There was not enough history, but an overabundance of collections of pots and cups and trinkets.

Then we went to eat at a restaurant we had been to before, and had some Devil's stuffed chicken breast, and some beers.

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