Tuesday, June 19, 2007

6.18.2007 Museums

We took the metro to Wenceslas Square to walk around a bit. The architecture of the national museum is very impressive, like many buildings in Prague. Wenceslas Square is a nice walk with flowers and a million casinos along the way. We ate some great Bavarian sausages on the street.

We went to the Communist Museum first, which was very interesting and informative. We were there for a while reading up on history. Then we went to see the sex museum, but decided against it because it seemed kind of stupid and not worth the money.

Next was the torture museum, which had a display of various devices used to kill people painfully or torture them into "confession" throughout European history. Some of the stuff was so disgusting only someone completely sick could have thought of it. There were definitely a lot of sadists in charge of "delivering justice".

We came back, made some dinner, and went out to bars in Prague. We went to trendy cafe, then a place called the M-1 Lounge, and then to a dive with lots of Americans.

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