Friday, June 22, 2007

6.19.2007 A Whole Lot of Nothing

We walked around, decided to eat at a cafe with a great view of Prague Castle. However, we couldn't get service, but it wasn't a big deal because you're paying for the view, not the food anyways, and we got to sit there for free for a while. We decided to go over to an island where there is supposed to be some beer garden, but we didn't realize that the only way to access the island is by freeway, and that you can't walk over. We walked around forever trying to get across before we finally realized this. It was a little frustrating, and it was not a nice area of town either.

The picture posted is from earlier in the day when we walked by a park near Vlatava River.

We came back, cooked some food, and watched Hannibal Rising which was a terrible movie. It's getting really hot here, which is why there is a water bottle in our hands in most of the pictures.

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