Friday, June 22, 2007

6.21.2007 Boat Trip for Kyle's B-Day

Today we woke up and tried to find a place to use the internet which was damn near impossible. The internet cafe was ghetto and did not have wireless, and was in the basement level of an un-airconditioned shopping center. It was 8 computers in a tiny ass room.

At night we went on a boat ride around Vlatava River. The views were great, and there was good food and live music. The Goulash was especially scrumptious because the meat was ridiculously tender. We met a nice couple from Norway and talked to them a bit.

We went to Karlovy Lazne disco afterward with our hostel mate. Supposedly the building used to be an old Roman bathhouse, and was 5 stories, with differently themed rooms and separate lounges. It was fun times, and the drinks were cheap but we still managed to spend a lot of money.

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